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Distilled in the Caribbean.
Blended by Penninger in Bavaria.



Bavarian Blend Heavy Rum

Back in the 1950s, Stefan Penninger III was already making deliveries to the nearby graphite mine in Hauzenberg-Kropfmühl, the tunnels of which riddle the ground deep below our distillery. Highly aromatic Jamaican rum was a real favourite with the miners who worked in those tough, dusty conditions underground. Decades later, master distiller Stefan Penninger V has now resurrected Penninger’s rum blending tradition: GRAPHIT Rum – The Bavarian Blend!


Penninger Blend

Penninger can look back on decades of experience in distilling and blending top-notch spirits. We are proud to introduce GRAPHIT Rum, featuring our own twist of fruitiness and intense aromas. The distillates for the rum were sourced from rum distilleries in Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad, Jamaica, Panama and the Dominican Republic. A Bavarian blend of light and heavy rum with strong, fruity ester notes – unique rum true to Penninger tradition!

Heavy Rum Bavarian Blend
GRAPHIT Rum Penninger 0,7l Bottle
Heavy Rum
0,7 litre, 42 % Alkohol

GRAPHIT Rum is a jack of all trades: It delivers on the high standards of connoisseurs, offers a great entry point for interested newcomers and provides outstanding versatility for barkeepers – a sophisticated rum for every day and every requirement!

– Pit Krause –

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GRAPHIT Rum serves up all the typical notes of Jamaican rum in the nose combined with apple, honeydew and plums. This is then followed up by melon, coconut and caramel on the palate, complemented by a hint of smoked aromas. It is this mix of invigorating and fruity components which makes GRAPHIT Rum so unique. Although it was designed as a sipping rum, GRAPHIT Rum also packs enough punch for cocktails and long drinks.

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